• Connect4 Vanilla 1.0

    The aim of this well known classic game is to place four game pieces of your color vertically, horizontally or diagonally in a row next to each other. You can drop a game piece, by touching it or by wiping down in the desired column. To undo moves, you can either "wipe" the game pieces up the board to the top or use the Undo-Button.

    Good luck!

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    Connect4 Vanilla

  • Features

    Some of the great features of Connect4 Vanilla 1.0:

    • 1 Player mode (vs. Computer)
    • 2 Player mode
    • 5 different difficulty levels
    • Extremely sophisticated computer skill
    • Bluetooth mode
    • Undo functionality
    • Entertaining with great animations and amazing sound effects
    • Real "look and feel" of the famous classic game
    • Translated into English, German and French
    • Absolutely free of advertising
    • Retina display support for razor-sharp graphics
    • "Universal App", buy once for all devices (iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad®) and play with specially optimized graphics